Four Weeks, Five People

Four Weeks, Five People

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Book Description

For four weeks of the summer, five troubled teens find themselves at a therapy wilderness camp.

Reader Reviews
  • User imageSaruman

    Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu | Audiobook

    But here lies the problem with the book: the story is being told from the five teenagers point of view, alternatingly. Gut gekusst ist fast gewonnen Gorgeous and overly confident Mason thinks everyone is an idiot. Aiden / Corporate Love Bd.2 The premise ideas that had me excited just left me angry by the turn of the last page.Each of the character had their own personality, true, but sometimes I felt like the book fell into stereotypes without trying to, like it was ticking a list of symptoms each character should display. No help or treatment was given to him!As mentioned previously with regard to the lack of equal chapters for each perspective.
  • User imagearistarh

    FOUR WEEKS, FIVE PEOPLE by Jennifer Yu | Kirkus Reviews

    Clarissa is SUCH A SWEETHEART. Dich hat der Himmel geschickt und 2 andere Geschichten um Liebe und Leidenschaft The synopsis is a y. England Sud This left me severely underwhelmed.Gorgeous and overly confidant Mason thinks everyone is an idiot. Prenatal development: How your baby grows during pregnancy.The ownvoices representation for depression and eating disorders was totally evident in the story.
  • User imageAndrey Kaz

    Four weeks, five people (eBook, 2017) []

    While I can only speak to the ocd and anxiety, the rep was so realistic. Fantastiolisch-verrucktische Marchen Each character had a very strong personality and voice to accompany this. Nur ein einziger Biss / Guardians of Eternity Bd.3 One idea: just totally kick Mason out of the story.Each character had a very unique voice and gelled well together. The characters were funny and relatable, the subject matter was important, and the story line was emotional.The characters certainly experience growth and learn things, but at the end of the day, they are still all in recovery and this therapy camp just happens to be a part of their recovery, not the end of it.
  • User imageJeStEN

    Review: Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu | The YA Kitten

    I appreciated certain elements that show up in this book, as a novel told exploring several multiple illnesses in teenagers. Ticktock Bertucci, Olivia, and Codman have been best friends all through high school, and on the eve of their graduation, the trio agrees to spend their final hours as high school students locked in the recently boarded-up Circle Cinema. Cafe Honeybee I do have a soft spot for the covers of YA contemporary novels, but this one is definitely one of my faves!Each character had a very strong personality and voice to accompany this. My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher for review.It was eas Now I am not sure what I think about this novel.
  • User imageAlex007

    Four Weeks, Five People (Horbuch) von Jennifer Yu

    Each voice was very distinct, and I loved all of the different representations of mental illness. Grebiner Abgrunde / Inspektor Herdenbein Bd.6 But it was the writing in the book that initially sucked me in and was the only thing that made me keep going back to the book. Ein Drache wird erwachsen und mehr neue Abenteuer der geflugelten Helden The characterization is somewhat lopsided, with only a handful of characters offering helpful or interesting narration to the story.What frustrated me the most is the teens are able to so much illegal stuff in camp. I was hoping to like this book.We only get a few scenes of the therapist having individual sessions (nothing medical here just random chit chat) and the weekly weigh-ins.