Liebe ... noch nicht zugestellt

Liebe ... noch nicht zugestellt

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For me, the second half of the book was less enjoyable and way too predictable.ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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  • User imageMomiji

    Liebe noch nicht zugestellt: Cahill, Ellie

    They start a text friendship in the week before they meet in person to return their phones to each other.Wish I could read more about the other Daly family members, though. Histories of Violence Clementine Daly ist das schwarze Schaf der Familie.In this modern world where everything is online someone who is such a big socialite I would think would not be too hard to recognize. Der traumende Krieger / Die Chroniken von Azuhr Bd.3 Clementines keeping a secret though, her family money and past makes it convenient to lie, but when real feelings grow she has to face Justin with the truth.Actually, I think what I loved about her most was just her struggle to be her own person. Tappt Clementine in eine Falle?
  • User imagePaloma

    Liebe noch nicht zugestellt | Was liest du?

    This was a great book for a quick read.I love this pink with purple love heart jumper you bought me for my birthday. Global Africa Justin felt very dry and almost cold to me at the end.My only issue with this book was the end. Es klingelte It suffered from a serious lack of spark, which is a shame because I did want to enjoy this.Enough that I felt we were dealing with two different characters. Justin ist lebensfroh, charmant und einfach so ehrlich und positiv.